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Emi Maeda   / Composer・Arranger・Piano

After graduating from the Composition Department of Osaka College of Music, I was active in Paris as a research student under the Rohm Foundation.


I work on commissioned pieces from both domestic and international performers, as well as creating music for TV dramas and movies, pop music, contemporary music, and classical music, engaging in activities across genres.


I am also a lecturer at the Junior College of Osaka College of Music and the affiliated Music Conservatory of Osaka College of Music.






・Tasogare Yuusaku

・Shizukanaru Don


・Oujogiwano Imiwoshire

・Kimitonara Koiwoshitemitemo

・Intercom ga narutoki


・Thanks Musical Concert『A Gift For You』(Arr.)

・Mario Tashiro 10th Anniversary Concert『Simpatia』(Arr.)


fireworks(Co-writing)  /ONE LOVE ONE HEART 

・Trip On Me (Co-writing)  / SUENEL

・butterfly and baku (Co-writing)/ feat.Haruka Kato


A commissioned work commemorating the 100th anniversary of the University of Ljubljana.


Composed the school song for Inagawa Town Seiryo Junior High School.


Composed the theme song for the 10th All Japan Elementary School Brass Band Championship Memorial Tournament.

Many musical scores have been published.

© 大和田博一

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